As you may have guessed by now, we're very passionate about health and well-being, and the use of essential oils and ...

Giving Thanks

We're so lucky to know and work with some wonderful and very talented people. A person we've worked with recently is ...

Freezing Cold Showers Are Actually Good For You. Here's Why...

Freezing Cold Showers Are Actually Good For You. Here's Why... The effects of cold showers are positive for the cardi...

Chemical sensitivity: do your natural products contain synthetic fragrances?

Do your 'clean' and 'natural' products contain a synthetic fragrance? At Barbershop Botanicals we passionately believ...

Interview with the Founder of Barbershop Botanicals

Marcus was recently interviewed by Author, Coach & Speaker, Rasheed Ogunlaru for his Soul Trader Podcast. Startin...

We are, because of you

The Barbershop is the hub of where we operate, it’s also where our products were born, made and used on a daily basis...
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