Chemical sensitivity: do your natural products contain synthetic fragrances?

At Barbershop Botanicals, we only use natural fragrances to give a subtle, uniform and layered scent to all our natural men’s grooming products.  But many natural, naturally-derived and plant-based products add ‘parfum or perfume’ to their otherwise clean ingredients. By adding this synthetic fragrance, the product is no longer clean, and could trigger chemical sensitivities.

Increase in chemical sensitivity

A recent study has demonstrated the increase in chemical sensitivity and the ill-health effects from synthetically fragranced consumer products.

Read the full article from The Guardian here

Natural fragrances

At Barbershop Botanicals we passionately believe in natural fragrances that can enhance your health and well-being. Our complete grooming range comes in four aromatic scents using top, middle and base notes to produce a complex fragrance; giving a uniform scent across all your skin and hair care products. The active botanicals harness the effects of aromatherapy to give an immersive experience across the product range.

Our products are all available in your chosen natural, uniform fragrance giving a subtle, layered scent as you use each product. No need for your skin and hair care products fragrance to be fighting each other! 

Read more about our four natural fragrance collections - the Barbershop Quartet 

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