Our Barbershop

Our Barbershop is the hub of Barbershop Botanicals. A relaxed welcoming environment, our clients enjoy taking some time for themselves to relax whilst receiving a premium grooming experience. 

Barbershop Botanicals

We’re Barbershop Botanicals, a hair and skincare brand that does things differently. 

While much of the cosmetics market is made up of mass produced goods of questionable chemicals and synthetic smells, we think small and natural is best.

We’re based in rural Hampshire, surrounded by the chalk streams and ancient woodland of the South Downs National Park. Nature inspires much of what we do. All of our products contain natural and botanical ingredients and are freshly made in our lab, where we adhere to strict cosmetic manufacturing guidelines.

Marcus Fellowes and Lisa Stoner.

Hand-Blending since 2015

Since 2015, we’ve been expertly making and finishing everything by hand, in small batches and use only pure essential oils for fragrance. So not only do our products smell great, they also provide the powerful benefits of aromatherapy too.

We do not use synthetic ingredients, nor do we test on animals. We’ve spent years testing them in the barbershop chair to ensure that they don’t just work, they’re of salon grade quality.

Our lab and refill shop adjoins the hair salon and our customers love seeing the products being made and bring back their glass containers for refills.

Made with Love

Each product is blended, poured and bottled by hand. Everything we do, from using recyclable glass bottles to working with pure natural ingredients and active botanicals, to our refills, is ethical, sustainable, and cruelty free. 

We don’t just do this stuff because we think it matters. We do it to create hair and skincare products that our customers love.

We hope you will too.

Marcus and Lisa

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