Visiting the Barbershop

In accordance with Government guidelines;

  1. The Barbershop will continue to be a one-chair shop and from now until further notice, only one customer will be allowed in the shop at any time. Please do not bring other family members or friends as they will not be able to come in with you.
  2. No 'walk-ins' available – all appointments will be pre-booked via the booking system on the website - see the online booking link below.
  3. All appointments will now be pre-paid via the website in order to remove cash or card transactions within the barbershop and to reduce contact. Hair products and Barbershop Botanicals products will be available to purchase online and collect at your appointment.
  4. We will require 24 hours notice to cancel your appointment and receive a refund. The system will not allow you to cancel after this time and you will still be charged whether you turn up or not.
  5. Due to the ever-changing situation we will only be issuing appointment spaces in 3 week blocks.  This will ensure minimal cancellations in the event of further lockdowns being ordered due to COVID outbreaks. In the event of another lockdown full refunds will be issued back to the registered card.
  6. All customers will be temperature checked prior to entry using a contactless point and click thermometer. In the event of you having a high temperature you may be refused entry. The barber will be temperature checked each morning and a refund will be issued if appointments need to be cancelled due to the Barber having a high temperature.
  7. Please do not come to the Barbershop if you have any of the current stated COVID-19 symptoms:
  • high temperature
  • new persistent cough
  • loss of smell or taste

    Staff have the right to refuse entry if you show a high temperature or display any of the symptoms listed. If any member of your family that you live with or your support bubble are displaying any symptoms then please do not come to the barbershop, you should be self-isolating, and a Barbershop is not the place to visit.
  1. When arriving for your appointment you MUST be wearing your own face covering / mask and you must keep this mask on throughout the appointment. You may be asked to hold the mask to your mouth at times so we can remove the strap to cut around the ear.
  2. Please arrive as close to your appointment time as possible and wait outside the shop until approached by your Barber. They will be cleaning down and prepping for your visit, and we need to have the area prepped prior to you entering. Hand sanitiser is available for you to use before you enter the barbershop.
  3. Your Barber will be wearing PPE throughout the appointment and will change gowns, wash hands, clean tools, chairs and all the surrounding contact points between customers.
  4. Please note that you MUST wash your hair prior to arrival.
  5. If you arrive early for your appointment, please wait in your car.
  6. Please park your car in the designated space outside the office. This is an off-road space for our customers.

Please remember, we are ALL very new to this. The policy we have put in place is based on our own risk assessment and following Government Guidelines. It is the safest way in which we can provide a service and we want you to feel comfortable in the Barbershop. 

All information is strictly protected by our booking system and GDPR privacy laws.

Thank you for your custom, your support and your understanding during these unprecedented and difficult times. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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