Dive into Summer

Dive Into Summer

By Stephan Matthews

We often think that soaking in a bath belongs to the autumn or winter months but what would you say if I told you that summertime bathing is making a real comeback? Especially in these challenging times, people who don’t have the luxury of a pool in the back garden are turning to the bathtub to provide some much-needed respite. Now, I’m not saying that this is the answer to all of our troubles, but it can definitely give you time to breathe. So, grab a book and a glass of whatever takes your fancy, because it’s time for some summertime bathing.

I have to admit right at the start that I am a compulsive bather, so much so that I should probably have been born a fish. There is something magical about the way that a soak in the bath can ease away troubles and provide some much-needed time alone. It always falls out of fashion during the warmer months but, if you turn down the temperature, the combination of the fragrance and the cool water is heavenly. We’ve come a long way since the days of the bath cube and so it’s time for me to try and entice you back.

How many times have you looked longingly at your favourite shower gel and wished that it came as a matching bath soak? Well I’m here to say that it does. We’re so conditioned to read the label on every product that we buy but, just because it says Body Wash, why shouldn’t you use it in the bath? The answer of course is that you can and, for guys that don’t want a bubble bath explosion, the lather is usually much more subtle. This is especially true of the Barbershop Botanicals Body Wash and, because they’ve got aromatherapy benefits, there’s one for every mood.

So, you’ve got Rum Spice with its laidback warming notes of frankincense and myrrh, Sartorial with its relaxing aromas of neroli and cedarwood, and Nirvana’s calming combo of chamomile and lavender. But my favourite has got to be Smoked Citrus. “The scent of Sicilian bergamot groves” is perfect to pour into the cooling water because it actually increases the crispness of the fragrance. Taking a little time out for yourself is so important at the moment and, as we can’t get to the sea right now, I’m very happy to have Barbershop Botanicals help me dive into summer.

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