For Barbershop Professionals

A Barbershop Collection of alternative sustainable, vegan, aromatherapy hair solutions made by UK hair professionals

We care about your health and wellbeing. We care about your client's health and wellbeing. We care about animal rights. We care about the planet. And we care about your commercial and retail goals.

We understand what it's like to hold a space for all your clients and quickly try to reset between appointment. Wellbeing in the workplace is important to us. So is making money. We know how hard it is to run a business and spin all those plates.

Which is why we have decided to do things a little differently.

🌿 Working with us
We are a family-run business based in Hampshire, where we make our products in our own lab, situated alongside our Barbershop and shop. We are very committed and passionate about educating clients, colleagues and the public about the benefits of truly natural and sustainable hair and skin care products. And because we run our own Barbershop, we understand the frustrations and challenges often faced around retailing products. We are available as a team to meet with you, have a chat and educate and we do not lock you into a contract. We know that our products are more niche than mainstream and will sit alongside your existing products. But we believe it's really important that your clients have an alternative wellbeing choice of products, that will actually do them some good.

🌿 Sold exclusively through approved Barbershop stockists
We have spoken with many Barbershop owners and the biggest frustration we hear is how, after spending weeks researching the best products for your clients and investing in stock, your clients then find the same product online for a better price than you can offer. We promise that Barbershop Botanicals will only be available through a network of approved Barbershop Stockists. Our RRP is set and upheld by our Barbershop stockists and will not be undercut. Your customers will not find our products cheaper elsewhere - guaranteed.


🌿 Backwash refill system and Retail Refill Programme
Our Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash and Hand Soap are available in 5L refills for both Backwash and Retail refills and are supplied using a Closed-Loop Delivery System. Our Approved Refill Hubs are promoted on our website, which helps drive additional footfall into your Barbershop. 

🌿 Ongoing support and education
When you become a Barbershop Botanicals stockist you and your team will be invited to The Botanicals People HQ for a day of training and education on the range of products, how to use them, the ingredients and their benefits, ingredients to avoid and some suggestive sales techniques to maximise retail profits. You will meet your support team in person, as we believe that personal relationships are the foundation for success. We will also support your Salon by promotion on our website and social media channels.

🌿 Exclusive Wellbeing in the Workplace programme
When you become an Approved Stockist, you will have access to resources and training for our exclusive Wellbeing in the Workplace Programme, which includes guided meditations, short mindful moments to reset between clients, an introduction to aromatherapy, plus playlists, podcasts and recommended reading.

🌿 Limited Barbershop Botanicals stockists in each region
To ensure exclusivity and maximum commercial benefit, we will appoint only a limited number of Barbershop Stockists in each region.

🌿 Brand Ambassador Programme - earn additional income
Please enquire further how you can earn additional passive income per annum by becoming a Barbershop Botanicals Brand Ambassador. 

We look forward to welcoming you to our Barbershop Botanicals tribe - a new paradigm in sustainable, professional skin and hair care.

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