Our Story

Marcus Fellowes, The Founder of Barbershop Botanicals

Our story began five years ago in the Barbershop when our founder, Marcus Fellowes, British Master Barber, was disappointed at the lack of professional, barbershop-grade products that were free from harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrances.
Most of the products available weren’t doing his customers any good.  

The barbershop is a place where men can be themselves and unload their worries and everyday stressors. Marcus often heard about their physical, mental and emotional ailments and stressors, he decided to develop a complete range of clean, professional-grade male grooming products that looked after the mental and emotional needs of his customers, as well as their physical needs for skin and hair. 

And that is how Barbershop Botanicals was born. 

Collaborating with aromatherapists, perfumieres trained at Grasse and natural skin care formulators, Marcus learnt about natural formulations and complex natural perfumes that smell incredible but also harness the power to affect the mind, body & emotions. The next four years were then spent collaborating with other high-end barbers and customers, researching and developing his range of products that combine barber-grade performance and quality with the finest natural botanical ingredients. 

All our products are fragranced exclusively with therapeutic-grade active botanical oils. There are no synthetic fragrances in our products. This creates the kind of sublime scent that makes other people lean in a bit closer. It also means that by harnessing the power of aromatherapy, our products can help on a physical and emotional level with everyday issues such as anxiety, depression, energy levels, sleep, and cognitive performance. 

And each product has ingredients chosen for their natural benefits for the skin and hair. Take our Natural Caffeine Green Tea and Hemp Shampoo for example. This is packed full of antioxidants, essential compounds and essential fatty acids to stimulate blood flow through the scalp to help prevent a dry scalp and encourage healthy hair growth.

We began with a humble beard oil five years ago, and now have four fragrance collections across 12 products, ranging from shampoo to shave cream, conditioner to cologne. 

Our lab is alongside the Barbershop, creating a synergy and remembering where it all started. Our Barbershop customers love seeing the products being made. We think of our range as skin food, designed to be used daily. Everything we do, from using glass bottles to working with pure natural ingredients and active botanicals is ethical, sustainable, and cruelty free. And most of our products are vegan.*. 

We might be small, but we’re here to make a difference. We're changing the way men look after themselves; not just in terms of what they put on their hair and skin, but in terms of mental health and wellbeing too. Because the best thing to come out of Barbershop Botanicals is a community; a growing community of men, interested in living in a gentler, more conscious way.

We’d love you to join us.

* To achieve the Barbershop-Grade standard with our conditioner and shave cream we added a small amount of beeswax or honey.

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