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Marcus Fellowes and Lisa Stoner of Barbershop Botanicals


Expert Natural Grooming
Steeped in the diverse worlds of traditional high-end barber shops, natural cosmetics and aromatherapy, Barbershop Botanicals is an innovative men’s grooming, well-being company and makers of expert natural grooming products. We strongly believe that what we put on our body is as important as what we put in it. Personal care is the bedrock of a life of balance and harmony and a good personal care regime starts with the products you use.

Founded in 2015
Founded in 2015 by a master barber, an aromatherapist and a natural formulator, we worked closely with other barbers and clients in the barber chair to design, trial and create a range of premium, all-natural men’s grooming products that not only stand up to the vigorous professional environment, but also deliver at home for the everyday modern man.

Our Natural Products
Each and every one of our meticulously developed products contain only natural ingredients and are fragranced with pure botanical oils that not only smell amazing but also harness the powerful therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy. Our products are good for your hair, your skin and your state of mind.

Our Natural Fragrances
Using pure essential oils, we carefully crafted a sublime natural fragrance, which is available across all our products, meaning that you can buy all your skin and hair care products in our natural scent and enjoy the subtle layering effect of a uniform fragrance from head to toe.

Ethical and Sustainable
We believe less is more. We leave out anything that isn’t considered natural. Everything we do, from using glass bottles and jars to working with pure natural ingredients and active botanicals is ethical, sustainable, and cruelty free. That’s why our products are vegan*, 100% natural and nothing is tested on animals and never will be.

A Growing Community
We’re here to make a difference and to change the way people look after themselves.

Barbershop Botanicals is a growing community of people interested in living in a gentler, more conscious way.  We love to hear what you think, and we love to hear your ideas, which is why we’re just an email away. It’s good to talk, that’s the life of a barber, and we’re great listeners.

* To achieve the Barbershop-Grade standard with our shave cream we added a small amount of beeswax. We are looking at alternatives and will keep you posted.

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