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Barbershop Quartet

We like to keep things simple.

Our customers told us they wanted a uniform fragrance across all their grooming products, giving a subtle, layered fragrance.

So that’s what we gave them.

Our complete grooming range comes in four aromatic scents using top, middle and base notes to produce a complex fragrance. The active botanicals harness the effects of aromatherapy to give an immersive experience across the product range.

Blended using natural botanical oils chosen for their therapeutic benefits, our premium products with complex notes smell great, but can also help with everyday issues such as anxiety, depression, energy levels, sleep and cognitive performance.


The scent of sophistication.

A premium fragrance using some of the world's most expensive essential oils to create an exotic, sweet peppery, earthy and woody scent. The initial embrace of the sweet scent of neroli and sweet orange, with a hint of peppered lemon, earthy undertone of frankincense and patchouli, gives way to the creamy, woody base of sandalwood and cedar wood. The founder's own favourite.

EMOTIONAL BENEFITS Relieves stress and promotes relaxation

PHYSICAL BENEFITS Good for dry skin and dry skin conditions.


The laid-back scent of rich, winter nights.

A laid-back, rich, spicy, smokey caramel fragrance. A casual, but complex spicy-sweet scent of sweet orange with a warm hint of spicy cinnamon and pimento, an earthy undertone of frankincense, giving way to the warm, aromatic scent of myrrh and the woody base of cedar wood. The barber's favourite.

EMOTIONAL BENEFITS Relieves anxiety, stress and mood enhancing.

PHYSICAL BENEFITS Good for skin and hair health.


The scent of Smokey Sicilian bergamot groves

The citrus scent of bergamot, with a hint of uplifting grapefruit and aromatic ginger for a subtle spice note greets you before giving way to an earthy undertone of vetiver, underpinned by the woody, balsamic slightly spicy Cedarwood. The aromatic oils blend together to release a warm, smoked, fresh and zingy scent. Our artisan team’s favourite. 

EMOTIONAL BENEFITS Relieves anxiety and mental fatigue

PHYSICAL BENEFITS Promotes skin and hair health. Good for oily and problem skin.


The gentle, masculine scent of peace and harmony.

A powerful but delicate masculine scent of calm and relaxation. Layering a blend of aromatic Lavender and Roman Chamomile, Sweet Orange and earthy Vetiver, these powerful but gentle aromas come together to give a subtle, sweet and fresh fragrance with an earthy, woody, spicy undertone. Lisa's favourite.

EMOTIONAL BENEFITS Relieves insomnia and anxiety, promotes relaxation and calm.

PHYSICAL BENEFITS Good for dry or red skin and promotes skin and hair health.

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